Understanding Personality Differences: Sensing vs. Intuition

Understanding Personality Differences Understanding the power of personality types is an important step to maintaining successful relationships. In order to cultivate a healthy relationship, we must […]

Dealing with the Challenges of a Dual-Income Family

We all know that a strong relationship takes work. It’s important for a couple to find time to connect with one another. Yet a dual-income family […]
Avoid Financial Infidelity

5 Tips To Avoid Financial Infidelity

Learning how to avoid financial infidelity is essential. It can lead to other secrets and lies in your marriage. Do you and your spouse argue about […]

Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling identifies early challenges that have not yet taken root, which is the challenge with regular couples therapy. Explore your feelings and expectations about finances and lifestyle. Learn what your fiancé's priorities in life are. Uncover which values you each hold most dear.