Online Marriage Therapy/ Couples Counseling

Adapting and Adjusting to Coronavirus in Fairfield County

We all must temporarily adapt to the new normal. So, I have shifted all my marriage therapy/ couples counseling appointments to cell phone, Zoom, FaceTime and Skype. For me, there is little change as I often keep connected with clients by phone or FaceTime. The only change might be for you. If you are or have been one of my clients, I know you are smart and capable of adapting. It may be the best way for you to squelch your worries and even stave off cabin fever.

Now is not the time for you to feel all alone. Make a phone appointment when you need assurance.

Marriage Therapy/ Couples Counseling in Westport CT

Couples therapy and relationship counseling in Westport CT is an investment in your shared happiness. Lisa’s counseling in Westport CT, helps people understand the importance of listening, learn how to show respect for their partner, and make decisions jointly. It is difficult to recognize when you are inadvertently making unilateral choices that impact another. Couples therapy provides a way for you to listen to the needs of each other and navigate ways to reach a win-win together.

Solution Focused Counseling in Westport CT

Everyone goes through challenging times in their lives, sooner or later, which can make them feel overwhelmed. Even rudderless. In truth, it is usually the beginning of a healthy change or an attitude correction. It just may not feel that way right now. It is really hard to see the goalpost when you are overloaded with disorganized thoughts and feelings – let alone create a strategy.

Going to a private place, and speaking confidentially with someone who is on your side, is a great beginning. I have a personal responsibility to help you find your answers, as soon as possible, and I take that very seriously.

My task is to ask the best questions I can to help craft a plan, a strategy, a goal, that will get you back in the game as soon as possible.

Coping with Change

Regardless of how happy you consider yourself to be by nature, you will get stuck. We all do. So if you feel broadsided by a person, an event, or a situation, there is always a way to dig yourself out of the hole and liberate yourself.

If you want to feel better but feel stuck, if you want to feel closer to your spouse, or if trust in your marriage has been damaged, make an appointment. I will develop a customized plan that will strengthen you, help you feel like yourself again, teach you rich communication skills, and promote greater understanding, quickly and effectively. Learn how to leave the past behind and get yourself moving forward to a better place, far sooner than you think.

Call Lisa Ryan 203.226.8800 today and try her engaging and responsive counseling in Westport CT.

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