Premarital Counseling and Long-Term Goals

This is the best time to discover if you each really want children, and how many you’d each like, and when you plan to have them. Or if you do. It’s the time to talk about your feelings regarding working, staying at home, finances and in-laws visits. Premarital counseling identifies early challenges that have not yet taken root, which is the challenge is regular couples therapy. Explore your feelings and expectations about finances and lifestyle. Learn what your fiancé’s priorities in life are. Uncover which values you each hold most dear. And get really great with knowing all about each other by listening and asking good questions that show you care.

Premarital Counseling and Communication Tools

Like couples therapy, premarital therapy has a lot to do with gathering tools you will use for a lifetime together. Become great at giving a compliment, or an authentic apologizer. Learn how to listen and be comfortable when your fiancé has different opinions than your own. Learn how to be strong partners and compatible lovers. Start your lives off together by being way ahead of the game!

Premarital Counseling and Who Does What

We live in a world of dual-income families. In couples therapy, feeling taken for granted, or feeling your spouse in not responsive to you with regard to fairness of household duties is common. Premarital counseling will clarify all your thoughts and feelings in a positive way, and solutions and compromises will be achieved right here in my office. Call today to make an appointment for premarital counseling in CT.

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