Many of our picket-fenced houses camouflage the loneliness, the fears, and the unhappiness that we think we should ignore because we have so much. But peace inside has nothing to do with good fortune or even hard work and achievement.

Oftentimes, the source of trouble at home is that we have lost sight of our priorities; we try to do too much, we try to please too much. We put our own needs on hold. Work and children may have eclipsed your relationship. Perhaps other things have as well: extended family, pressure, or simply not enough time. If any of these things hit a chord for you, your concerns are likely totally fixable with couples therapy.

If you’re anxious that your spouse may leave you and you will be all alone, make an appointment. If you worry that you are watching time slip by and are wondering what you could be missing, then pick up the phone. You might be living with your lost soul mate who feels the exact same way. But first you have to find out.

If you don’t know what to do, if you both want to feel like you used to but can’t seem to get there on your own, if you want to create change, or if you’ve lost trust, it is likely you will benefit from marriage counseling.


The intimacy dilemma: most women only want to make love when they feel emotionally connected, and most men need to make love in order to feel emotionally connected. Additionally, both husbands and wives often feel marginalized by work and children, and sometimes friends or extended family. Busy couples will finally spend time together once everything else has been completed, and there rarely is any time left, at least of any quality. Couples who feel close, who are intimate, connect with each other all the time and they put their relationship above everything else. An appointment for marriage counseling is a bold first step toward making your relationship your top priority.

Communication Tools

It is important to remember that both you and your spouse are entitled to your own points of view. Couples need not share the same opinions on everything in order to be soul mates. For some reason, once we get married, we feel a strong need to persuade our partners to see things the way we do! There are so many tools given in marriage counseling, too many to even try to list, but some of the simplest tools were those you learned in elementary school. Don’t interrupt a person in the middle of a sentence. Show interest in the ideas of your spouse by asking questions. Be thoughtful. Don’t half-listen to your partner while you are also reading a text message. These are but a tiny few of the many things learned in marriage counseling and the tools of couples therapy. Try marriage counseling in Westport CT.

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