Couples Therapy Works

New clients often ask how couples therapy works. To be honest, couples therapy starts the moment the first appointment has been made. The first step to a positive outcome begins with acknowledging that you need help. A willingness to change indicates how successful couples therapy will be for you. Most of my clients are high achievers, and eager to learn and be successful.

Couples therapy turns opponents into partners

I often tell couples that I see them as two people playing singles tennis, with a net between them. Couples therapy works by changing their placement on the court. By the time your couples therapy has been completed, you will be playing double tennis. Both playing on the same side of the net. I remove the competitiveness in a marriage by fortifying the partnership.

Couples therapy works by generating empathy

Many couples who come to me have grown apart. Others argue constantly. I implement four different strategies that generate awareness and an understanding of each other, without the need to necessarily agree. You can’t have each other’s backs without the ability to empathize. Stepping out of your shoes, and slipping comfortably into another’s, is key to how couples therapy works.

Couples therapy teaches strong listening skills

You can’t really listen very well if you’re thinking about what you want to say. Many of us confuse listening with waiting for our turn to talk again. Therefore, listening, true listening, walks hand-in-hand with empathy. Couples therapy works because you and your partner will learn how to engage each other. One idea at a time.

In conclusion, the sooner you act on fixing the problems in your relationship, the better off you will be. Couples therapy will take less time if you move quickly. You will also avoid a long history of bad habits. Does Marriage Counseling Work? 8 Surprising Statistics & Facts. Call me to schedule your appointment today at 203-226-8800.


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