How To Fix A Marriage

Remember how close you felt when you first were married? You couldn’t wait to tell your spouse all about your day – every secret, every frustration, every win! Learn how to fix a marriage, what makes a couple grow apart, and how can you prevent it from happening

Take the Time

If you want to learn how to fix a marriage, if you want to take great care of your relationship, then focus on taking great care of your spouse. The biggest challenge for Fairfield County couples is finding blocks of good time to spend alone together. Work and kids have a tendency to come first because the demands are so great, but you have to advocate for your marriage. Learn to say no to others more often. And delegate. Always take each other’s calls. Always be sensitive to the pressures of each other’s day. Make the time and schedule the time. Go to New York for the weekend or go to the beach with a bottle of wine. You won’t ever regret it. How to fix a marriage? Create lots of down time together.

Be a Best Friend

Many couples that I see in my office report that they feel criticized by their spouse. They feel that their partner does not think that are good enough. They no longer trust them with their thoughts and feelings because they don’t feel safe any more. If I’m describing you, then you’ve got a problem – though one that is totally fixable. Best friends support each other. They know they are never alone. They know they are important. How to fix your marriage? Make sure that you’re the first person your spouse wants to call when something goes wrong for them, and also when something goes well for them. That is how to fix a marriage.


When a man or woman asks me how to fix their marriage, one of the first things I ask about the quality and frequency of lovemaking. When a couple grows apart they face a bit of a dilemma: women don’t want to make love without having an emotional connection, and men create an emotional connection through lovemaking. So to all the men reading this – be a helpful and attentive listener, and be kind. To the women out there – initiate lovemaking and let your husband know how much you appreciate him. So if you are the writer who wrote about saving your relationship, though I have many more points to share, this is how to fix a marriage. Good luck!

Lisa Ryan, LPC
Lisa Ryan, LPC
Relationship Expert - Infidelity Specialist - Guest Speaker ~ Loves the big blue sea, homely dogs, the unvarnished truth, and making people feel better. As an Infidelity Specialist in CT since 2002, Lisa continues to retain fairness, an enormous empathy for all clients and a desire to forge a positive outcome, with a commitment that matches that of the clients themselves. She helps couples rebuild their relationships after the discovery of an extramarital affair, a secret relationship or a technology addiction that breaches trust. She guides her clients through a 5-pronged solution-driven plan, designed by her, which has a success rate near 95%. Clients attribute their achievement to Lisa’s non-judgmental approach and genuine understanding of the unique anguish experienced by both parties when trust has been broken.

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