Cell Phone Counseling

Lisa Ryan works with clients by cell phone or telephone within the State of Connecticut when they are unable to make it in person. It’s far better to have a session by telephone than have no session at all. Long distance counseling could be a useful option for you.

Though counseling between therapist and client is usually done in person, it is not always possible. Some people are required to travel frequently for business. Mothers and fathers may need to remain at home to care for a child or parent. Some people have illnesses and disabilities that keep them at home. Many simply feel a long distance counseling session by phone is more convenient. Call Lisa today to set up your Cell Phone Counseling Session 203.226.8800 or fill out this form and she will contact you back within 24 hours.

Skype Counseling

Over the years, Lisa Ryan has built a strong reputation for helping her clients meet their goals successfully. Clients schedule time with her by Skype of FaceTime simply because they like the way she works. Pragmatic, logical, goal-oriented, yet always with a kind heart and a soft word.

If your life style makes it difficult to keep an appointment in person on a regular basis with your marriage counselor, or if you’d just like to experience Lisa’s compassionate and pragmatic approach but can’t make it in person, consider scheduling an appointment by telephone. Call Today to set up your Skype Counseling Appointment 203.226.8800 or fill out this form and she will contact you back within 24 hours.

Email and Texting Counseling

If you’re stuck for time and only need a 15-minute consultation, emailing and texting are two other ways to get the interactive exchange you need quickly with Lisa. Long distance counseling and consulting can help you find just the right words to express yourself effectively to a loved one or colleague. As she is likely well aware of your specific challenge or goal, Lisa can help you organize your thoughts so you say exactly what you mean to say. Call 203.226.8800 or Click Today to begin your email or text counseling sessions with Lisa.

Lisa reserves the right to determine whether long distance counseling by telephone is appropriate and beneficial for each individual client. Specific confidentiality requirements must be maintained.

2005 ACA Code of Ethics (PDF)

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