Valentine’s Day

There are few days in the year more terrifying for men than Valentine’s Day. I always feel so badly for the men in my office, come February. Every year, when I give them a gentle reminder that Valentine’s Day is coming up, I see a look of terror on their faces. They are so afraid they are going to get it wrong again, disappoint their wives, and be in serious trouble.

Plan Early

A woman likes to know that her man did not leave Valentine’s Day planning until the last minute. Not only do women like to be considered and thought about early, reservations for dinner or are problematic if you are not on top of things in advance. Another indication that you have thought early about her for Valentine’s Day is to have something engraved. Listen throughout the year for hints on things she loves.

Make Valentine’s Day Romantic

Romantic means something different to women than it does to men. For women, a romantic gesture is anything she considers to be personal. A woman is touched when her husband does something that indicates that he was listening to her. So remember her favorite color, her favorite store, her sizes, and virtually anything from a jewelry store.

Women are turned off by any gift intended for her which she interprets as being more beneficial to you. So if you are going to make a reservation for an intimate dinner, make sure you choose the restaurant of her choice and not of yours. Needless to say, nothing for the kitchen. And no new golf clubs that might be perfect for you!

Lisa Ryan, LPC
Lisa Ryan, LPC
Relationship Expert - Infidelity Specialist - Guest Speaker ~ Loves the big blue sea, homely dogs, the unvarnished truth, and making people feel better. As an Infidelity Specialist in CT since 2002, Lisa continues to retain fairness, an enormous empathy for all clients and a desire to forge a positive outcome, with a commitment that matches that of the clients themselves. She helps couples rebuild their relationships after the discovery of an extramarital affair, a secret relationship or a technology addiction that breaches trust. She guides her clients through a 5-pronged solution-driven plan, designed by her, which has a success rate near 95%. Clients attribute their achievement to Lisa’s non-judgmental approach and genuine understanding of the unique anguish experienced by both parties when trust has been broken.

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