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The best way to become your own best friend is to invest in your future happiness through individual counseling for women. The female species, whether born that way or culturally conditioned, usually puts everyone else’s needs ahead of her own. Individual counseling for women, personal counseling just for you, is essential. You deserve the same care that you always provide for everyone else.

Learn why you make the decisions you make. Understand what motivates you and what scares you. Rediscover those things that bring joy into your life. Develop new interests. Acquire skills that will move you forward into the next chapter of your life. Most importantly, unfold the secret stories in your mind and heart, to a safe, confidential and nonjudgmental human being. One trained to ask the right questions. One who will understand.

Individual counseling for women is like emotional strength training

Women, by nature, are great negotiators. Yet, you have to be acutely aware of the difference between a fair compromise and pleasing another person at your own expense. Whether it be your boss, your children, or your husband, you may think you should do all you can to meet the needs and requests of others. I suggest you start asking yourself what you want. New concept. Further, I recommend you start addressing some of those wants and needs that you’ve put on the back burner for so long. With individual counseling, you will develop your internal strengths. Build emotional muscle.

Giving yourself permission to matter

First, you must fully grasp that no one else but you can make you happy. Just because people rely on you, does not mean that you have to come in second. Further, if you are not working outside the home, you must agree with the State of Connecticut, that every dollar your husband earns, you have jointly earned with him. So remove those two reasons as to why you have to come second. Or third. There’s no need to be anyone’s back-up singer. Give yourself permission to grab your own mic. What are you waiting for?

Boundary setting is a critical factor in individual counseling for women

Understand which problems are yours to fix, and which problems belong to someone else. Besides, it’s good parenting to set up strong boundaries for yourself. Your kids will learn to become better problem solvers if you don’t fix everything for them, and they will also be provided with a great role model. You. No one respects an enabler. People respect strength and autonomy. So if you feel guilty about saying no, just consider yourself as providing great modeling for your kids. Just say, “I see that you’ve got a problem on your hands. If anyone can fix it, you can. Let me know how you solved that.” See? Easy. Now you’ll have more time for you.

Goal setting

Individual counseling for women has its challenges. To start, you have to recognize that it is easier to fix other people than it is to fix yourself. But it is a great journey, an interesting one, once you dare to open up all the boxes in your emotional attic. Call me at 203-226-8800. I’m looking forward to really knowing you.

Lisa Ryan, LPC
Lisa Ryan, LPC
Relationship Expert - Infidelity Specialist - Guest Speaker ~ Loves the big blue sea, homely dogs, the unvarnished truth, and making people feel better. As an Infidelity Specialist in CT since 2002, Lisa continues to retain fairness, an enormous empathy for all clients and a desire to forge a positive outcome, with a commitment that matches that of the clients themselves. She helps couples rebuild their relationships after the discovery of an extramarital affair, a secret relationship or a technology addiction that breaches trust. She guides her clients through a 5-pronged solution-driven plan, designed by her, which has a success rate near 95%. Clients attribute their achievement to Lisa’s non-judgmental approach and genuine understanding of the unique anguish experienced by both parties when trust has been broken.

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    Lisa I enjoy reading your blog posts and look forward to your insight and counseling!

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