How To Stop a Divorce

Don’t Panic If you would like to know how to stop a divorce, the first thing you must decide to do is stay calm. Do not […]

Psychotherapy Is Yesterday’s News

Solution-focused therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy, are what my clients seek. They want to feel better quickly, and they want to know how they can help themselves without having to come into my office every time life throws them a curve ball. Psychotherapy is a thing of the past.

Husband Always Angry

Why is your husband always angry with you? He may not be, it may just feel that way, but he is likely angry about something. It could be that he is angry with himself.

Counseling For Infidelity

The most important thing you need right now is the truth. You can't decide what to do until you know the facts. Infidelity counseling requires an infidelity specialist.