Help Me Save My Marriage

Don't wait for everything else to be done first. Get a sitter, take her out to dinner, put down all technology. A cell phone or laptop can make your partner feel like you are muti-tasking. No one wants only partial attention! Make the time, and put him or her first. Always. If you want to save your relationship, let your spouse know they are cherished.

Infidelity Counseling

The key component in healing your relationship after an act of unfaithful is truthfulness. Honesty is the one and only thing that restores trust, which is the most important component of your relationship.

Problems With In-Laws

In you want a really terrific marriage, and who doesn't, it's imperative that you both put your marriage first. That means that your relationship trumps children (most difficult to comprehend), work, friends, hobbies and your families of origin.

Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling identifies early challenges that have not yet taken root, which is the challenge with regular couples therapy. Explore your feelings and expectations about finances and lifestyle. Learn what your fiancé's priorities in life are. Uncover which values you each hold most dear.