Wife Won’t Forgive Me – 10 Steps To Help Her Recover

For every man who writes to me or calls me for help saying, "My wife won't forgive my affair," I feel compassion for both he and his wife. Below are 10 steps that will move her forward as quickly as she possible. But remember that the timetable to recovery is completely up to her. Your candor and remorse will speed things up though.

Betrayal – Therapy For Your Broken Heart

The first thing you have to do is make sure you won't be betrayed twice. You must find out all you need to know about the betrayal, in order to try and trust your spouse again. Be careful not to ask for too many facts, as details are hard to get out of your mind. But find out the summary of events, the players, and who knew about it while you did not.

10 Signs Your Wife Is Cheating

Your wife may be having an affair if she never parts with her cell. She may be secretive when she reads text messages, with a newly found interest in her privacy. If she has a new password, beware. She will also delete texts and emails when she never used to bother before. Her cell phone will be taken into the bathroom if your wife is cheating on you.
why infidelity occurs

Save A Marriage?

Save a marriage? It's like rowing a boat. It takes the work of two people, or soon you’ll find yourself just going around in circles. Marriage is a commitment made by two persons, so each of you better be willing to grab an oar. That's how you save a marriage.

How Do I Get My Wife To Forgive Me?

How Do I Get My Wife To Forgive Me? Read the 10 most important things that you can do to keep your marriage together after infidelity has impacted your relationship.

How can I still love my husband?

The woman then asked me how she could make love to her husband again without thinking of that other woman in bed with them. She wondered if the other woman was thinner, or better in bed, or younger. She wondered if her husband was thinking about the other woman when he was making love to her.