How Do I Get My Wife To Forgive Me?

How Do I Get My Wife To Forgive Me? Read the 10 most important things that you can do to keep your marriage together after infidelity has impacted your relationship.

How can I still love my husband?

The woman then asked me how she could make love to her husband again without thinking of that other woman in bed with them. She wondered if the other woman was thinner, or better in bed, or younger. She wondered if her husband was thinking about the other woman when he was making love to her.

When should I get a divorce?

I have seen so many people who have achieved great results through marriage counseling. Hundreds and hundreds. If you think you have a 1% chance of making your marriage work, I suggest you take it. Respect can be re-established through counseling. Trust can be restored. Awareness of each other’s needs through better communication skills is usually the cornerstone to a satisfying and lasting relationship.

Why is my husband cheating on me?

There are countless reasons as to why your husband is cheating on you, none of them good, but I will give you the most common explanations that I have found, working in the field of infidelity for over 12 years.