Coronavirus is Opportunity In a Face Mask

In almost every one of my sessions within the last three weeks, I have asked each client, “What opportunity has coronavirus unexpectedly provided you?” Invariably, after […]

Coronavirus Online Counseling

Though I’ve been keeping appointments by phone or Skype for quite some time with online counseling, the value of connecting by phone or visual medium has […]
America's Divorce Rates

Will America’s Divorce Rates Soar Like China’s?

COVID-19 isn’t the only pandemic ravaging China. The outcome of too much togetherness is making the country’s divorce rate go viral too. Both Bloomberg and The […]

Coronacide – What To Do When Everyone Is Driving You Crazy 

I’ve never been as aware as I am today, how irritated everyone is with their roommates and families. Coronavirus has been driving some people crazy. My […]

13 Must-Do’s To Defy Coronavirus Isolation

1. Shower and Shave. Every day. You didn’t know it but you were showering for other people and you gained the unrealized benefit of feeling  like […]

8 Coronavirus in Connecticut Coping Strategies

Many of you are scared and feel you’re living in the dangerous and spooky unknown. I understand that. But focusing on the unknown can create fear […]