Anthony Weiner Photo: Illustration by The New York Post; Zuma Press

Anthony Weiner? What is wrong with him, you ask? This morning, I read a lot of jokes made about exactly what is wrong with Anthony Weiner. People write about sexual addiction and perversion. Others make Weiner sound like an odd, twisted uncle. I think that what is wrong with Anthony Weiner is far more profound and very serious. Though I have never met him personally, I can take an educated guess as to his mental state and what currently ails him.

Anthony Weiner has OCD

First of all, Weiner’s need to sext is evidence of compulsive behavior. It controls him; he does not control it. There is no other explanation, as to why he would risk losing two elections, his reputation, and now his wife and family. Other people who send sexual pictures to others are capable of measuring risk and are able to stop. His inability to control his compulsion is part of what is wrong with Anthony Weiner.

He is a narcissist

Weiner is unable to get outside of his own needs to assess the painful impact that his behavior has on the people who love him. Only a narcissist believes he will never be caught, even though he has been caught at least twice already. What is wrong with Anthony Weiner is that he is a narcissist. Consider the topic of his favorite pictures. Every angle.

He has impulse control problems

Most noteworthy, Weiner doesn’t have control of his emotional state. I remember watching a clip of him, in a pizza parlor, losing his temper with a potential voter. And he knew he was being filmed. Weiner can’t control his need to sext any more than he can control his mood. Because his deviance controls him. And it looks like it finally cost him his wife and family.

Anthony Weiner’s problem will escalate

Hence, it is only logical to predict that Weiner’s bad behavior will escalate. What some consider a fettish is really sexual deviation. He has now included his small child.

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